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7 Great Electric Vehicles You Should Consider Driving in 2019

BMW ,  Tesla Electric cars are becoming the norm. And, yes, the technology is not perfect, yet  EVs  are already becoming a mainstay o...

A Tesla Model S Has Been Rebuilt as a Hearse and Costs over $200,000

Tesla Model S Hearse Jan Erik Naley/Finn There's a new look for the  Tesla Model S , and it's longer, taller, but can only ...

15 Affordable Cars Guaranteed To Get You Laid

When it comes to guys trying to attract women, a car is a big deal. Most guys would want to drive a flame-breathing beast of a supercar. A...

Best security features for your car

Regardless of the kind and price of the car, the last thing one would never like is insecurity case. Crimes involved with cars include the...

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