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Subaru Legacy latest Technology

Control leads to confidence, and stability creates an agility that excites in the all-new Legacy. Subaru vehicles are gifted at inspiring c...

Control leads to confidence, and stability creates an agility that excites in the all-new Legacy. Subaru vehicles are gifted at inspiring confidence behind the wheel, thanks to the inherently stable design of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive paired with the uniquely balanced SUBARU BOXER engine. This system delivers power to all four wheels at all times for enhanced control on all roads and in poor conditions. It has excellent side-to-side balance and handling precision, thanks to its main components being aligned longitudinally, while its low centre of gravity creates an especially engaging and responsive drive. The unique advantages of Symmetrical AWD make for exceptionally rewarding handling and empower you to better avoid danger.

Active Torque Split AWD

Paired with Lineartronic, the Active Torque Split AWD system responds to traction conditions, the transmission and driver inputs by continuously controlling the torque distribution front to rear.

Improved suspension

Using improved front struts and rear shocks, the suspension has been finely tuned for an enjoyable balance between responsive steering and a smooth, comfortable ride. 2.5i-S and 3.6R-S are also equipped with STABLEX-Ride, a new valve system and larger diameter front strut cylinders, which have improved damping response at low piston speeds and permit damping suppression at high piston speeds for much better stability and ride quality with less body shake.

Cradle mount frame

You'll enjoy more agile handling and a smoother ride in the Legacy thanks to its Cradle Mount System. And in a collision, it allows the engine to retract under the cabin, lengthening the front crumple zone.
Few other cars drive with the self-assured confidence of the Legacy, so you won't be surprised by how uniquely it is accomplished. The horizontally-opposed configuration of the SUBARU BOXER engine places the pistons 180 degrees apart, for a lower, flatter profile than other engine types. This gives the engine, and therefore the overall vehicle, a lower centre of gravity and better sense of balance. Further, the pistons' opposing movements inherently counteract each other, naturally reducing vibration.

Subaru Legacy Safety Features
The awareness to anticipate. The stability to avoid
At Subaru, we believe the best accident is the one that never happens. That's why we've equipped the all-new Legacy with Symmetrical AWD to ensure control in nearly any weather condition and the SUBARU BOXER engine to enhance stability with its lower centre of gravity. The Vehicle Dynamics Control System and generously sized brakes also give the Legacy athletic reflexes to make it more nimble when you need to steer clear of danger.

Increased visibility

We adjusted the frame to increase your visibility and decrease your blind spot area. We also installed front quarter windows with door-mounted side mirrors to reduce the front blind spot for increased forward visibility.

Vehicle Dynamics Control System

Vehicle Dynamics Control System monitors and analyses if the vehicle is following the driver's intended course via an array of sensors. If a tyre slips or a high speed turns the vehicles off its intended path, the AWD torque distribution, engine output and brakes at each wheel are adjusted to assist in keeping the vehicle on course.

Active Torque Vectoring

When cornering, Active Torque Vectoring applies the brakes and distributes less torque to the inside wheels and more torque to the outside wheels. It helps make a sharp turn and handling more precise. In combination with Vehicle Dynamics Control System, it helps to keep you out of harm's way, granting you a comforting sense of security.
All-around protection.
Knowing the importance of all that's aboard, the Legacy does a lot to protect you and your passengers with high-quality safety systems like seven SRS* airbags, Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frames and even a cabin-protecting layout. There may be risks in life, but we make sincere efforts to make sure that what you value most is well protected in your Legacy.

Ring-shaped Reinforced Frame

The Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frames strengthen the passenger cabin from the roof to the doors, pillars and floor. This design works to divert and dissipate impact energy away from the occupants in a collision. It also contributes to strengthening and lightening the chassis, leading to greater, reinforced protection.

Cabin-protecting layout

Every Subaru goes above and beyond common practice when it comes to your safety. In the event of a head-on collision, your Legacy's SUBARU BOXER engine and gearbox are designed to avoid moving into the cabin for your protection.

Seats, Seatbelts and SRS* Airbags

Standard on Legacy are front SRS* airbags, plus front-side SRS* airbags, curtain SRS* airbags and knee SRS* airbags. Height-adjustable front seatbelts feature pretensioners to hold passengers firmly in place, and load limiters that ease peak forces to the chest.



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