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13 Cars Every Woman Loves To See A Guy Drive

Appearance is the most significant factor when making a first impression. It is an ever-increasing trend that consumers are beginning to look at a vehicle as another piece of clothing. Men are often judged more for their, unlike women. A woman is free to drive whatever type of car they want without consequences.  However, men are very limited in their acceptability to women car choices. The list below indicates what repulses women on men cars.
1. Ford F-150 Raptor
It's an efficient vehicle under a study done earlier.  It showed that women loved it when men drive trucks. This implies that a guy is handy and knows how to fix things and not obsessive about money. It's the ultimate understated chick magnet.
2. Jeep Wrangler
Everything about this model screams masculinity. It makes off-road discoveries, with its fat tires and lots of ground clearance. It's guaranteed to be a hit with more adventurous women who love camping in wild .the brand new jeep is pretty decent like any other jeep before.
3. Range Rover
This car has a rugged appearance, yet offering tones of luxury. It has adjustable driving modes safer for all kinds of terrain under tons of tech. The overweighs the whole list. Its sporty SUV performance, looks good, has lots of luxury as well as safe and a reliable vehicle. These features attract most women.
4. Audi A5 Cabriolet
This car attracts women’s attention without even being particularly flashy. It provides discrete luxury for those who love wind blowing their hair. Women love it because it shows a man is stylish and makes decent money yet choosing understated vehicle instead of showing off. It’s way popular and of high quality
5. Lexus ES
This car is far away from sports, off-roader, economy, or supercar. It represents a man who is successful and well rounded. The owner wants luxury, comfort, and practicality from his car and life in general.

6. Jeep Grand Cherokee
 It has an aura of robustness and ruggedness about it. Apart from stylish looks, the versatility and performance of it certainly are valid reasons why women love it when a man drives this machine.

7. Mercedes Benz Class
Among the Mercedes, S-class is the most luxurious.  It’s smooth with great lines and a cabin with an amazing level of finish. It has a smooth ride giving an idea of the kind of man driving it. The owner must be classy, stylish, and successful, thus attracting women.

8. Jaguar E-Type
Ferrari refers to this car as the most beautiful car ever made. It’s sleek like streamlined bodywork, fine leather seats, aluminum dash body, and wooden steering wheel. It oozes class and style. It’s only owned by distinguished men, one who appreciates finer things in life. Hence, women of the same kind go for such men, perfect match.
9. BMW M6
Its quality is great, and the interior is luxuriously wrapped in soft leather. It attracts women who are good-looking, wild, and power-lusting.
10. Ford Mustang
It’s affordable for sporty lovers. Nothing is feminine about it but looks like it was designed to win a manliness contest. Those mean looks and roaring engine are what women love most.
12. Chevrolet Camaro
It’s an American icon which is the very muscular and macho car. The price tag matters less to women, but the design sound and performance attracts women.
13. Porsche Boxster
Its termed as “girl car” due to its smaller engines. Its cuter than most sporty cars. It tends to attract spotty, go-getter kind of women.



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