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Best security features for your car

Regardless of the kind and price of the car, the last thing one would never like is insecurity case. Crimes involved with cars include theft, hijacking, or unnecessary cars accidents. Vehicle security is supposed to improve to reduce these security issues. Several things have been recommended like, choosing a car with the right level of standard safety, parking intelligently, fitting a mechanical lock, and many more.

Some even go ahead meeting in tracking devices to enhance the easy way of tracing and getting it back. Today’s vehicles come with various security features making it tougher for thieves to trespass to your car. All these can enhance security, however below are most  top rated security features for your vehicle: 
1.  Immobilizers
An immobilizer is an effective way to secure a car. Most of the cars today have it together with alarms as standard features. This security feature is designed to prevent a thief from driving with the car away. The technology has become so widespread that most manufacturers now incorporate some version of the idea as standard equipment.
These Immobilizers are typically operated by remote control whereas some older units may require a jack plug to be inserted or else an access code. It is advisable to ensure regular service checkups rather than finding yourself stranded unexpectedly. Proper service history also ensures that the car warranty cover remains valid for a specific period.
2. Locking wheel bolts
This measure is used to make sure nobody can remove tires or rims. These things are always on higher demand; hence, it’s necessary and essential to protecting them the best way possible.  These bolts make it almost impossible for any thief to take off wheels quickly. The more new cars are getting in the market, the higher the standards on them. They can be personally installed if one’s vehicle doesn’t have.
3. Tracking devices
These are the most useful features to keep a car secure and safe. It usually uses GPS technology which links up to a transmitter put on your vehicle. The data is collected and automatically accessed by the company in case of theft.
Your tracking company is then in a position to track your vehicle anywhere in the world. For those treating their cars as investments, all they are too expensive, this is the best way to secure.
4. Security Marking
This is the most effective way to identify if your car is stolen. It's a process where a registration number of the vehicle is etched onto the widescreen and windows. It also includes a traceability scheme providing extra security. Other parts of the car plus glasses are marked, and a registration number is put on a secure database.
5. Enhanced Protection Glazing (EPG)
This is a kind of laminated glass which is usually harder to break through. It makes it harder for any skilled thief to break out a window and take off a vehicle quickly. It also secures other belongings which might have been left inside the car. EPG glass also helps to block and prevent UV lights as well as reducing the noise level, which is usually inside a vehicle.



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