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Latest Advancements in Automobile technology

Unlike everything we have seen before, technology is changing our lives. It's making you more convenient by helping you become a better driver. This is done by increasing personal protection. As for the car lovers and drivers existing, advances in automotive technology are reshaping the entire driving experiences. Some of the latest advancements include:
Night vision with pedestrian detection- it's this feature a new addition to the has been adopted by cars for quite some time. Pedestrian detection pinpoints and displays pedestrians on a dashboard which is built in a vehicle. Mostly is incorporated in the new BMW vehicle models.
Rear mounted vehicle- these had already been installed earlier to detect objects positioned behind a driver.  Now they are again introduced in a new version and role. They will alert the driver on oncoming cross-traffic as he is backing up. As the vehicle approaches, an alarm goes off alerting the driver.
Automatic high beam control- this is the perfect tool, especially for drivers who get tired of adjusting bright. It uses a camera to improve the lights slowly. This allows the driver to concentrate on the road rather than messing with high-beam switch avoiding disruption oncoming traffic.
Live view GPS- this technology allows drivers to keep track of the routes of their automobile.  After this system is installed into the car, the system automatically updates a vehicle owner on the location of every 10 seconds.  The vehicle owner can view all the data on any enabled internet device like a phone, laptop, etc.
Touchscreen infotainment- it’s a new automotive technology consisting of a large touchscreen. It is built into the center of the dashboard. The driver can easily control audio, phone, climate inside the vehicle, navigation of the motor as well as cars settings from the display board.
Auto start and stop- this kind of technology allows the automobile to save on fuel while also cutting emissions. For example, it turns off the automobile engine whenever the driver puts his foot on the brake to stop at a light. Once the driver releases the foot, it turns on again and moves.
Lounge in the car- it is usually manufactured by Mercedes Benz features. Its innovated with lounge-in comfort for driver and passengers. It’s basically of a self-driven vehicle but with a hint of luxury.  The car not only drives it but features two front seats to swivel out for an easier exit. The places can turn around 180 degrees to face backseat passengers.
Digital Gauges  
It is made in some models for replaceable purposes. It replaces static, physical gauges creating a dynamic screen for sharing more relevant and customizable information. An example in the industry is Audi's Virtual Cockpit system, which is the leading design. Mainstream automakers like Ford and Mazda have adopted their variations of digital gauge cluster as well. They can provide a better view of vehicles behavior and performance and also incorporate navigation directions.

Also of above advancements, there is wireless charging in the vehicle, vehicle control via an app, road scanning, and many others. With the latest technologies, moving into more vehicles every now and then, car user may be surprised at the recent automotive models. This will enhance easier and safer way of handling vehicles.



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